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BASE.PK was started on June 25th 2013, with the aim of facilitating the spread of information technology with in Pakistan and empowering people to use the internet to its maximum potential. As access to the internet becomes a new and growing phenomenon within Pakistan, we at BASE.pk realized the importance of providing people with an affordable and accessible platform for website creation. In order to fulfill the emerging need, we at BASE.pk created the country’s first free web hosting company!

How we work ?

BASE.PK has partnered with one of the world’s largest free web hosting providers to help spread free hosting in Pakistan as well. All our websites are hosted on a “Clustered Hosting Platform” and our GRID network features hundreds of server nodes using the right software for the right job powered by Linux and Unix operating systems. All request are processed by our Quad-CPU Intel Xeon processors which can withstand even the most demanding of scripts and process.

Our platform also consists of separate sub-GRID networks dedicated to such functions such as MySQL databases, FTP management and numerous other functions normally hosted on a handful of machines in other hosting services. Our platform includes multiple redundancy protections such as power protection, backup systems, load balancing hardware, and a very large and expansive Storage Area Network (SAN) with interconnecting fiber optic change distribution servers.

All of this allows us to handle millions of requests, and lets us guarantee that your website will remain online no matter what.

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