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The core philosophy behind BASE.PK lies in our belief that everyone should have a website. We believe that as today everyone possesses an email address and considers it a necessity in today’s time and age – the day is not far when everyone will desire a website for themselves as well. BASE.PK was founded with the aim of facilitating the spread of information using the Internet and allowing everyone to create a great website to share with the world what they want to share!

We are committed to the spread of the Internet and to local community based applications of technology. One of the major purposes behind launching BASE.PK is our aim to facilitate content in Pakistan’s native languages such as Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtu and Balochi. Such content enables the Internet to be of use to the vast majority of Pakistani people who are not familiar with English as a language.

We also believe that technology shouldn’t really be that costly and the aim of providing a database of resources related to web design and web development is that those people who are shy of creating an online presence due to the costs involved can learn to do what has to be done by themselves – totally free of cost.

Freedom of speech and the right to share your opinion is highly valued here at BASE.PK, and we are dedicated to upholding your rights of sharing your message and convincing others of your opinion. Feel strongly about a subject ? Why not create a website here on BASE.PK to share your views ?!

Thus to sum it up in the end, our philosophy is one of development and progress – one that advocates that Pakistan take a step into the 21st Century and use the Internet to its maximum potential.

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