Web Hosting Pakistan

Our company is among pioneers of web hosting providers in Pakistan. With years of experience, handwork, commitment and consistency we have learnt to offer quality web hosting services at economical prices. There are lot of benefits if you purchase hosting from local company, for example if you face any problem or need any assistance you can talk with customer support in local native language. Foreign companies charge heavy prices in USD, but a company located in your city or country will also offer you several local payment gateways, so you can make the payment through any convenient payment option. If you are new to all this, let me explain you what exactly web hosting is. In simple words, hosting is a space on a computer which is allocated to you, this computer is like our home computer, but it is usually more powerful with heavy specs, and placed in a secure environment known as data-center. We name this computer as server. So when you purchase hosting plan you indeed buy some space to host your images, codes and other files. This server is 24 hours online and connected with rest of the world through high speed broadband internet services. Which ensures your website is online and available to your visitors at any time from any part of the world. So with the help of this technology you can promote your business online without any problem. We are working in the field of domain hosting since more than a decade and provide all the products and services which are required to make our clients business grow faster. We are providing free ssl certificate with all our web hosting Pakistan packages, which are catered by keeping in mind the requirements of our different clients. Our customer support is very knowledgeable, skillful and experienced, which can solve all your problems related to web hosting within few minutes. So feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

Web Hosting Features

Fantastico Support Both Asp.net Php Support
Superb Technical Support Multiple Programming Languages Support
30 Days Moneyback Guarantee Cgi, Ruby (ror), Perl, Php, Mysql
Built in Web Stats 99.9 % Uptime Guarantee
Quick & Easy Payment Options Premium Quality Bandwidth
Secure & Reliable Space Superfast Page Load Speeds
1 Gb to Unl. Disk Space Unlimited Databases

Unlimited Web Hosting

Register .PK DOMAIN Free .com Domain with Hosting Package
Easy Control Panel Free Site Builder
Free Transfer to our Web Host Over 400 Free Applications
Immediate Activation Install Web Apps in One-Click
Unlimited Domains & Sub Domains Unlimited Ftp Accounts
Unlimited Space & Bandwidth Packages Unlimited Email Accounts
Pop3 Email Accounts Web-Based Control Panel

Best Website Hosting Company

In recent times you may have noticed that their is a sudden increase in the number of web hosting services providing companies. Now people are more aware of the technology and its useful aspects. So there is little rise in the demand of hosting by individuals. So that is the reason more and more companies are establishing with each new day to provide IT services to clients. But we advise you to make sure before selecting a company. Because it will have your precious assets in the form of domain, hosting and website data. So just do not choose a company just because it is providing cheap services. Always make sure that the company from which you are going to buy IT services has good reputation in the market. Otherwise saving a few initially can result a big headache later on. We are providing quality hosting services to large number of local as well as international clients. With years of experience and quality services we have managed to establish good reputation in the market. But at the same time, we understand, there is high inflation in our country, and people cannot afford costly products. Especially students cant pay much for domain hosting services, so keeping in view the current financial scenario, we have decided to provide low cost web hosting services in Pakistan to all our valuable clients. With our years of experience we have learnt to provide top notch services at cheapest prices in market without declining the quality. Our most of the clients are referred by old clients, due to our very friendly and useful customer support, our servers are really fast and have all the latest technologies, features and specs to fulfill your all web hosting needs.

Web Hosting Pakistan

Easy to Use Control Panel

With each hosting plan you get easy to use control panel, which you can use to upload images, files and content of your website. It has all the necessary configurations, addons, settings and features that you may ever need to fully control and manage your website.

File Transfer Protocol

If you want to upload data from your home computer to your server, you can do it either through control panel or with the help of FTP account. It is very easy to upload images, html files and other codes through file transfer protocol. Not all web hosting companies provide FTP access, so make sure you get it, when you purchase your hosting from any other company.

WordPress Optimized Hosting

It does not matter which hosting plan you choose from our website, all packages support WP, so you can install wordpress with single click through softaculous, which has hundreds of other free CMS and scripts, which you can use whenever you want without paying any addition fee. We make sure all our servers provide fast loading speed for wordpress cms built websites.

Hosting Types:

There are several different kind of hosting facilities available now a days. Each type has its own specialties and benefits, clients usually pick a plan as per there requirements. So if you have no idea from where to start, you can call our customer support team or contact us via email and tell share your requirements with us. Our team will assist you in choosing the best possible hosting solutions in your given budget. Here we would like to share with you information about some of the most commonly hosting types.

Free Hosting

We provide free web hosting services in Pakistan for a trial period, so you can check the quality of our services in that limited period of time without paying a single penny. Then if you are satisfied and want to purchase any hosting plan, we are ready to serve you with our reliable hosting solutions. There are also some companies which provide low quality free hosting we do not recommend you to use them, because they have slower connection, heavy down times and auto included advertisement banners. We offer very affordable hosting services.

Shared Hosting

This is most popular and widely used type of hosting. It is lowest in cost and provides all the basic facilities, configuration and functionality. But some companies host large number of websites on the same servers, and as its name explains it has shared environment, so it is not guaranteed that your website or application will be able to utilize the assigned resources. Which can result in slow down of website or high loading time. It is fine for the startups with low budget, but soon after establishing your website, when you start getting traffic, the first thing that you shall try to do is move your website to any VPS, which ensures the allocated resources are only reserved for your website. In shared hosting the cost of server is divided among all the clients using server, that is the reason it is cost effective hosting type.

VPS Hosting

It is one of the most secured and in demand web hosting type. In it there are limited number of users on the server, and the server machine is virtually divided into multiple servers. So you have complete control and root access to change the environment of server or to make any configuration you want to fit the hosting environment for optimal functioning of your website. In this type of hosting you only use the allocated resources, nobody shares it with you. So it is more secure and website friendly and provides best user experience to the people visiting your website.

Dedicated Hosting

If you have the budget to afford dedicated server, and want to run softwares, or heavy projects and do not want to compromise on the security of server. Then dedicated server is the right choice. In it you have the complete machine, and you can install any operating system you want, can add or remove addons, can change configuration, include any additional hardware etc. There is nobody on the server except you. So your data is completely secured, you can increase the security by enabling firewalls, and installing software patches. With root access you have the complete control over the machine. It is little expensive but ideal solution for well established organizations.

Start your own business online

Now the time has changed, people are more aware of the technology. So it is not rocket science to build a website online. Anybody can do it. So if you want to start blogging, or you have any skills, knowledge, expertise or information which you think people will be interested in, or you have any products or services to serve the people. Then it is the right time for you to create your own website and start your business online. It is one of the easiest way of making money, everyday more and more people are joining the internet to start their business. There are billions of users available online exploring search engines and using social networks which you can target to sell your products and services. With little effort, hard work, research, and right direction you can make all your dreams true using website and social media resources. If you have any questions or want any assistance regarding how you can create your own WordPress website with single click, then feel free to contact our support team. Our experts are always available to assist you and play their role to make your business successful online.

Why Choose Us?

There are lot of companies available online which promise to offer cheap services with unlimited resources but in reality they do not fulfill their promise and just waste your time. So instead of saving some money by purchasing low standard web hosting, we highly recommend you to try our reliable and affordable web hosting services. We ensure that your website get maximum uptime with fast loading speed. If you have any questions then feel free to contact us.